Frequently Asked Questions

We offer both 30 minute and 45 minute appointment times – if you have a complex history and a lingering problem, a longer appointment would be necessary.

Yes, you can. We appreciate that at times you may have a preference.

Yes, we can.

We use multiple products and can cater directly to your needs.

If you need to we can even time your appointment to avoid environmental irritants.

Sometimes, our treatments have the potential to feel uncomfortable at the time, but we have a policy of working with our clients, and all you need to do is let us know.

If you let your therapist know that it is uncomfortable or painful, we can discuss other options for treatment, and explain what we are doing as we go.

You may also experience some pain post-treatment, and we encourage you to also discuss this with your therapist so that we can explain why, and/or change our treatment to suit you better, you can contact us at any time between your scheduled appointments, and we will happily have a chat to you, offer any solutions, and make a better plan for your next visit.

Yes, with a comprehensive assessment, we will be able to find the issue.

With tailored treatment, we will be able to help reduce neck pain, offer you some helpful advice to manage the symptoms yourself, and appropriate exercise will reduce the likelihood of future onset.

Exercise Physiology is a way of delivering Exercise as Medicine

It can help to support your Physiotherapy with appropriate exercise prescription or to supervise a program prescribed by the physiotherapist.

Exercise Physiologists are fully qualified to take into account your medical and injury background to ensure your exercise is safe and effective.

Most people will start to see positive results and feel like they are improving within the first four treatments. It is important that you keep us informed of the effects between treatments so that we can improve the treatment we provide for you.

If you are not making any progress, we will investigate further, trial other treatment methods and make recommendations to your doctor for further investigation if needed.

Yes, we do offer discounts on professional services if you are a member of Tick Performance, and we will develop plans to help you achieve the best possible outcome from our recommended treatments and your membership.

Yes, we do. We have direct access to Medicare and in some cases we will provide a direct billing option.  However it has become necessary to increase our prices for this service.

We also provide onsite claiming for your health funds so that you should only have to pay the gap.

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