Helping you to access your preferred treatment options and advocating for your interests is part of our service.

  • Assist you in achieving your goals within the framework of the NDIS.
  • Helping you to understand your treatment and contributing to your planning.

Have you suffered a workplace injury? If so, we can help you with the provision of a structured return to work plan and support through every stage. We can also assist in advocating for your safe return to work and access to services that you may need in and out of our clinic. Additionally, we provide support at every turn, from supported physiotherapy to exercise and return or start on your journey to self-management and preventing future presentations.

Our caring professionals can come to your home and provide personalised treatment plans to suit you and your needs.

Our hip pain experts can help diagnose and progress you through treatment to self-management and beyond.

We have access to a Real-Time Ultrasound to track your injury recovery. This technology provides Real-time feedback, so that you can see what is actually happening when you move, think or feel “that way”.

Delivered by a YOGA Master – practising for over 25 years and with a background in martial arts, you can be confident that you will be able to achieve more than you ever thought possible and feel better every day.
Online Yoga is also available so that you never have to miss a class again if you can’t get to the studio. We supply the equipment – however, it is recommended at this time for you to supply your own mat where possible – if you use our equipment you will be required to clean it at the end of the session, as per safety and hygiene protocols.

We require you to undergo an assessment with our Physiotherapist (this will also allow you to claim a small rebate through your health fund).
Delivered by Physiotherapists and experienced Pilates instructors in small groups, you can feel looked after every session and progress at your own pace, in a comfortable environment. Join our structured and tailored classes in an intimate setting – promoting comfort and safety.

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