Chronic Pain Management and Chronic Disease Strategies Available in Mawson Lakes and Para Vista

If you are suffering from chronic pain and need advice and solutions to manage it, Tick Fitness has a range of enhanced primary care solutions and exercise therapy services to help support and implement the adjustments needed for an effective change in your lifestyle. You can learn techniques to reduce the impact of pain on your daily life, and methods to follow to gain back your quality of life from our pain management specialist in our Mawson Lakes centre, which is only a short distance from Para Vitsa. Together you can address the issues of your pain and find an appropriate answer on how to deal with it.

How can we help your pain?

Tick Fitness are completely focused on health and healing and have a variety of services to assist your in pursuit of your goals:

• Group exercise to help you stay motivated with positive social input.

• Friendly, non-judgmental approach to make you feel at ease and comfortable.

• Individualised programs with supervision and fitness workshops to help you manage your symptoms and achieve your personal goals.

Choose Tick Fitness for pain management and health services

Our engaged and trained team are here to support you in your fitness journey. Whether you need general fitness advice, pain management services, a personal training or physiotherapy, we can provide you with a solution to your problem and get your health back on track.

From women’s and children’s health, to group fitness classes where you meet new people and enjoy exercise as a collective, to safe and effective training advice from a personal trainer, there is something for everyone. Get in touch today to book a specialised appointment or to speak to a team member about the right service for you.

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