Get a Personal Trainer in Mawson Lakes

If you are new to exercise or are looking for a new, heavier routine, working with one of our personal trainers is the boost you need. With the Tick Fitness and Physiotherapy team, we can help you to set and achieve your desired goals in a safe and supportive manner. Located in Mawson Lakes, we welcome everyone from Para Vista and all surrounding areas to contact our personal trainers and start a new training regime.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed – Let Our Personal Trainers Help!

We offer straightforward goals and advice, tailored towards your body and lifestyle. We won’t rush you with hard routines that will lead to injuries, instead we aim to meet strength, cardio, flexibility and health goals so your overall fitness is improved.

Our personal trainers offer the benefits of keeping you on track, helping you achieve your goals sooner, guiding you through new and confusing routines and equipment, and are always on-hand to prevent injuries or burn-out.


Need a Motivator?

Personal training can be a big motivator for people and encourage regular workout sessions.


Get Incentivised

Having someone plan an entire routine for you provides you with an incentive to turn up and complete your workout.


Confidence Booster

Your personal trainer will not only boost your fitness but your confidence as well.



By allowing your personal trainer to set fitness goals, it gives you more accountability to achieve them.

It’s Easy to Enquire

Speak to one of our team members today, and we will match you with one of our experienced, qualified personal trainers. Fitness novices, those aiming to lose weight, and health fanatics are all welcome. Whether it’s group training or one-on-one session, our personal trainers can match a fitness regime to your experience and aims. Feel the burn or just have fun.

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We give assessment and recovery programmes.

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If you would like to meet likeminded fitness lovers, come to our classes.

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Call Our Mawson Lakes Personal Trainers Today

If you are in Mawson Lakes, Para Vista or any of the surrounding areas, contact us to discuss your personal training needs on 08 8260 2157

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