Fitness and Lifestyle Management
in Mawson Lakes

Mawson Lakes’ Tick Fitness and Physiotherapy offer something different. We pride ourselves on providing the safest personal training facility with around-the-clock supervised open hours and a friendly environment. However, we don’t stop there as we are always working hard to build a supportive gym for our members who need it most.

Our Personal Training Team

Each and every one of our trainers are qualified in areas of Rehabilitation, Exercise Therapy and Fitness and are registered with national registration bodies.

When you visit Tick Fitness, know that the trainer working alongside you is committed to your safety and wellbeing and can always provide you with the help and advice you require.

Merging Hard Work With a Great Time

The team at Tick Fitness are always honest and upfront, we’ll let you know when you’ve reached great shape or peak performance, and no longer need to be here.

We’ll teach you how to incorporate fitness into your everyday life away from the gym. Our sessions are short and direct to engage your goals and work around your day.

A phone for a CTA.

Meet the team or contact us to discuss your needs, call 08 8260 2157

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